Thursday, October 1, 2009

It couldn't be more timely.

Eating local is becoming mainstream. "Locavore" was actually the 2007 Word of the Year in the Oxford English Dictionary.

And, today, this was the featured post on the Hungry for Change Blog. Robert Bates puts it best by saying we've heard a lot about the evils of our industrialized food system, but not a lot about the small farmers producing the foods we are seeking out.

How nice!

Also, today is the first day of the Eat Local Challenge. And, I'm not starting strong... The problem is, I am trying to clean out my fridge of the non-local stuff. I don't think it makes much sense (especially in this economy) to throw out perfectly good food.

Breakfast: omlet with two free-range egg whites (local) and 1/2 cup of egg beaters (cleaning out my fridge), diced potatoes, onions and red peppers (all local), and mozzarella cheese (not local).
Lunch: Roasted tomato soup (all local ingredients, from previous blog entry), baked potato and carrot cake muffin (local ingredients: all purpose flour, eggs, carrots, and applesauce in place of pineapple.)
Dinner: left-over spaghetti. Not local. Ragu and Barilla. Like I said, I am cleaning out the fridge...

Not too shabby, but I know I can do better.

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