Monday, November 2, 2009

Eat Local Challenge: The Grand Finale!

Breakfast: local egg and salmon sandwich on whole wheat toast
Lunch: My office took a coworker to a Mexican joint for her birthday. It most likely wasn't local. I had shrimp nachos. They were still freakin' good.
Dinner: local grass-fed beef and onions braised in beer with local mashed potatoes.

Breakfast: oats with local milk and honey
Lunch: local roasted tomato soup with leftover Bertolli pasta from last week.
Dinner: shepherd's pie and green beans. Pretty much a 100% local meal. Shepherd's pie was made from local carrots and bell pepper in ground venison, topped with local mashed potatoes. The green beans were canned by my mother-in-law last year. The only not local thing was the butter in the potatoes and cornstarch in the gravy on the meat.
Snacks: homemade granola (recipe from a couple weeks ago with local walnuts and honey), local pastured hard-boiled egg, Martinsburg apple and cabot light cheddar

Breakfast: oats with local milk and honey
Lunch: leftover shepherd's pie and green beans.
Dinner: meh. LaRocca Mexican Restaurant. Ordered shrimp chimichangas and a pitcher of Dos Equis. At least there was no CAFO meat on my plate...
Snacks: granola, homemade coconut cream pie courtesy of a coworker, apple and cabot cheese.

Breakfast: Egg white with smoked salmon on whole wheat toast
Dinner: Roasted (local and free-range) chicken with not-shallots. Basted in local butter. I also made roasted local butternut squash with stilton blue cheese. I'm still not sure if I like that side dish or not. Maybe not. It was odd...
Snacks: granola and hard boiled egg, cabot light cheddar and gingered pears

Breakfast: egg white with smoked salmon on whole wheat toast
Lunch: leftover chicken and butternut squash
Dinner: sushi from Krogers and a bag of Garden of Eatin' blue corn chips. Also some Harpoon Ale. Not my best showing...
Snacks: granola and egg, cabot and an apple

Breakfast: omlet with local eggs, bell peppers, onions and a tomato, and goat cheese. De-licious!
Dinner: not-local pot roast and local baked potatoes at my inlaws. Marie Callender's lemon meringue pie.
Snacks: half a bag of Funyons and a bottle of V8.

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