Monday, April 2, 2012

Sundays are for a roast.

Last Sunday, I made a roast. I felt like such a good little housewife.

And it was delicious.

Last fall, we bought a beef "package" from a farm. We couldn't justify the expense or the amount of meat we would be getting if we bought a half a cow, or even a quarter for that matter. So, luckily, the farm had some packages made up that were perfect for us. We spent around $115 and got plenty of beef for two people to last a year. Especially, since we eat a lot of deer meat. We had a package of the steaks a while back, but other than that, I hadn't used any of it. Shame on me!

I found a recipe that used stout and stock as a braising liquid. Dang, it was good. Not one to waste anything, a few weeks ago, I had some pork bones that I threw in the crockpot and made some bone broth out of. Pork bone broth seems a little odd to me. Maybe it's not, but I just don't know that I've ever heard of it. Anyway, you couldn't tell that it was pork broth in place of beef broth in this roast.

We also had some brussle sprouts that were marked down on Manager's Special. And I made kale that I had in the fridge for almost too long. I thought I might have really been pushing my luck with the Hubs and having both kale and brussle sprouts for dinner, but he actually like them both. Especially the sprouts. Bacon grease is the secret, here, kids. I browned them in the skillet in some bacon grease and some diced bacon, then I added a splash of white wine and put the lid on tight for about 10 minutes to soften them up. I didn't want them mushy, and they were the perfect consistency--with a little bit of the golden brown bacony crust.

I knew the veggies were a success when we were grocery shopping friday, and the Hubs pointed out that kale was on sale... A man after my own heart!

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