Thursday, October 4, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing?

So. My mom brought a garbage bag of hot peppers to my house on Wednesday. It wasn't for us to share or divide up. It was all for me. She had her own garbage bag full at her house.

But I bought a half a bushel last week at the Capitol Market for canning. I had canned eight pints of Italian peppers in tomato sauce and chopped up enough of those peppers for two batches of pepper jelly.

So, last night, I canned another two batches of pepper jelly (everyone is getting that for Christmas this year, I think... I know no one will complain.) I diced up almost three pints to freeze and cut up into rings another two quarts to make into pickled hot peppers. I also roasted a couple dozen to freeze.

Peppers were on every possible inch of countertop. But they are beautiful.

She didn't grow these peppers. A generous friend told her to come and pick what she wanted. She only picked off the first few plants. And he and his wife have already gotten all that they want from the plants this year. It's supposed to frost here in the outlying areas on Sunday night, and she and I talked about whether we wanted to get more before they're gone. We decided that while we don't need anymore, we both hate to see them wasted, so I think she's going to go pick more this weekend.

We must be crazy.

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