Monday, February 14, 2011

DARK DAYS Week 10: Valentine's DAY

Well, the hubs and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday, and we did, officially. But, Valentine's Day really was today, and neither one of us had to work late (an rare occurrece this time of year), AND I had some steaks, that I just so happened to put in the fridge to thaw...

So, I supposed we got to celebrate it again, or maybe it was by design. At any rate, this Valentine's Day was definitely a caloric one of us. Today was another "local-ish" meal.

 The steaks were sirloin steaks from Swift Level Farm, via the Monroe Farm Market in Monroe County. The potatoes are from Spangler's Greenhouse via Monroe Farm Market, the sour cream is not SOLE, but at least it's all natural (as in 3 ingredients... all of which I can pronounce), the butter is not SOLE either. The bread is from my Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book, but didn't really turn out as good as I'd hoped. At any rate, it is made from flour from Reed's Mill Flours in Monroe County and yeast from the grocery store. The dough is too wet, and I think I might just throw it out and start all over.

Look, my steak is red... for Valentine's Day! It tasted like a steak should taste. I put a little Montreal Steak rub on them, and that was it.So juicy and rich.

It paired nicely with the glass of boxed Franzia I drank with it. Sunset blush, no less. I can't complain, though. It was pink, for Valentine's, and it was a gift from a good friend. It and a box of garlic spam. No kidding.

I'm not sure what about me says I like garlic spam and Franzia, but I was grateful nonetheless. I like my wine. I don't discriminate if it's in a box.

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  1. I don't think it was as much about you as the source of the garlic spam and Franzia. What does it say about the person who so gleefully gave them to you?