Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dark Days Challenge Week 4: Turkey Dumplins

When you mention chicken and dumplins (and BTW, I will refer to them as "dumplins" from here on out, as opposed to "dumplings" because I like to say it like that...It's so very Southern), most people I know get starry eyed and a goofy grin across their face as they remember back to their childhood and the mother of all comfort food. Chicken and dumplins are usually a special treat that only comes around a few times a year and reserved for Sunday dinners at grandma's.
When I was putting turkey leftover from my Thanksgiving Tom in the freezer a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to make turkey dumplins with it. It would be a perfect dinner on a cold winter day.

Only problem was I've never made turkey, or even chicken, dumplins before. I couldn't even tell ya where to start. I consulted my mom who makes great chicken dumplins, but she said she never really liked hers, and that they didn't even compare to my granny's. So her directions were something like "well, get your stock hot and add a little flour to it to thicken it then drop your dough in" and that was about it.

So, the Hubs and I got ready to make dinner tonight, and I wanted to call my mom to get a few last pointers on how to make the dough and such. But she didn't answer, so we tried my mother-in-law. She didn't have an exact recipe either, just get some flour and mix an egg and  a little bit of milk in it for the dough and drop it in the boiling stock.

I'm starting to figure out that there is not a written recipe for chicken (or turkey) and dumplins out there anywhere. It's one of those things that the best batches are made by adding a little of this and a pinch of that until you know it's right. Those are the best meals. And, incidently, the hardest to replicate.

So. When I master the recipe, I promise to put a written version on this blog. Promise. But, my first attempt wasn't what you'd call mastery. It wasn't bad either, though.

Not too shabby for our first attempt. They were so tasty and satisfying. The dumplins were a little chewy. I don't know if we cooked them too long or added too much flour to the dough, but we'll have to tweak it for next time. I've got three more containers of turkey in the freezer, so there will be a next time very soon. Who doesn't love dumplins?

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