Monday, January 30, 2012

Dark Days Challenge Week 10: Italian Sausages with Red Onion Gravy

Who doesn't love sausages?

Especially when they're from a local farm that sells meat pasture-raised pigs. It's hard to tell they're sausages in this picture because of the creamy, tangy red onion gravy hiding them. Mama like these.

I made the potatoes and the Hubs made the sausages. The potatoes are from Preston County, and have a little bit of olive oil, kosher salt and dried thyme on them. The sausages are from Sandy Creek Farm in Ravenswood, WV. The onions weren't local, but were organic. The gravy was made from a little bit of flour from Reeds Mill Flours in Monroe County, the sausage grease, of course, and some turkey stock from my Thanksgiving Tom, which came from Almost Heaven Farm in Monroe County.

Dinner was that easy. And this recipe's a keeper.

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