Thursday, May 24, 2012

The most unbelievable dinner I've had in a while.

This is a picture of the most unbelievable dinner I've had in a while, which I had last night.

The reason it was so unbelievable is because when I tallied up the calories on my LoseIt! app, it clocked in at 194 calories. I still cannot believe it. It was just so good. That can't be right. Right?

It was 12 medium shrimp (wild-caught, of course) with and Indian rub and grilled. (72 calories) But the kicker was that rice. It is amazing. It's the Thai Rice Bowl recipe from the Food Babe Blog. I heart the Food Babe. Check out her blog.

This rice tastes so rich because of the coconut milk, which also makes it kinda thick and creamy. But I use "light" coconut milk, and I don't think it makes it any less delicious. And it is so easy. You basically put all the ingredients in a pot with a lid and cook it on medium low for 30-ish minutes.

I've been experimenting with Eastern ethnic dishes. This is not something I would have typically eaten four years ago. As a matter of fact, I didn't think I liked Indian food until the last few years. I think it was because I had a bad experience with it in college. Yuck. And, I just bough a Sri Lankan cookbook, so wish me luck as a dive deeper into this style of food. I'm kinda stoked.

Many cultures eat coconut quite frequently, in dishes they would have for dinner or lunch, as opposed to dessert, like in the United States. Coconut is surprisingly healthy, too. I think that modern medicine is just slowly catching on to how beneficial diets with coconut are. It is believed that coconut oil can protect you against heart disease, by lowering your "bad" LDL cholesterol. And although coconut is high in fat, it's the good fat. It appears that coconut actually ups your metabolism.

This was less than we are used to eating for dinner, but we had a late dinner because we went for a run. And we're both tyring to eat a little better to get ready for our beach vacation coming up. I was satisfied when I finished this meal, but this morning, when I woke up, I was ravishingly hungry. I guess that's not a bad thing, though.

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