Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinterest and an Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I am so very proud of myself.

I found a recipe on pinterest, and instead of just pinning it and using my "Food" board as a cruel torture device by browsing through it right before lunch, like I do most days, I actually made the recipe. I mean,  for real, I printed it off, took it home, and made something I saw on pinterest!

I tease, because, while I know this is the whole point of pinterest, does anyone actually try to replicate anything they ever see on pinterest, or is it just basically "fantasy football for girls" as I've heard it described?

After this, perhaps I'll actually start making my food pins. This recipe did not disappoint. With a name like "green goddess" grilled cheese sandwiches, my mouth was watering at just the notion.

This dinner was perfect for after our softball game last week. We got home from our game after 8:30, and I was hungry, but I didn't want a big meal. The Hubs kinda balked at the idea of having only a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, so I made him two, and he even mentioned twice how good they were. Also, I had everything I needed in my fridge and pantry to make them, which is an extra bonus.

These bad boys have avocado, spinach, pepper jack cheese, goat cheese, and "green goddess" pesto. The pesto is the real star of these sandwiches. I made mine with spinach instead of kale, like the recipe calls for. The only thing I would change is using less tarragon. It is a really strong taste. I probably used more than the recipe called for, though. I also used two anchovies, because apparently I'm ballsy. The recipe, by the way, is from the Tastespotting blog.

The recipe for the pesto made enough for more than 3 sandwiches, so I have it in the fridge. I think it would be great in risotto or on pasta, which it is very likely to be reincarnated into for dinner this week.

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