Saturday, July 17, 2010

Penny Pinching Pantry Raid: Halfway there!

Thursday, July 15th -- (Our anniversary!!!)
Breakfast: I had Special K Red Berries and milk. Jeremy had a Kroger-brand Nutri-grain bar.
Lunch: I had the delicious salad that was leftover from dinner Tuesday--with proscuitto, eggs and mozzarella, and leftover green beans from dinner Wednesday and water. Jeremy's coworkers took him out for lunch today since tomorrow is his birthday and he's not working.
Dinner: I had more leftover salad from dinner Tuesday and water. Jeremy had leftover zucchini casserole from dinner Wednesday... such a romantic anniversary dinner.
Snacks: I had coffee/cream, a raspberry muffin, hard-boiled egg and a sliced tomato.

Friday, July 16th -- (Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!!)
Breakfast: I had Special K Red Berries and milk. Jeremy had coffee/cream, and got to sleep in late :)
Lunch: I took Jeremy out to lunch at one of our favorite casual/bar-type places, Tricky Fish.
Dinner: Since I was planning on making it for the cookout before the menu changed, as per the birthday boy's request, I made jambalaya. I also made stuffed jalepenos.
Snacks: a raspberry muffin and almonds.

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