Monday, October 3, 2011

SOLE on SNAP: Days 1 and 2

We were busy over the weekend. I knew I wasn't going to be cooking dinner because of our plans. The whole eating HEALHTY on a budget may have been lost over the weekend. But this weekend wasn't our normal routine, so I'm getting back on track through the week.
BREAKFAST: I got up and fixed a big breakfast, which I don't do often. I made each of us an egg over-easy. I also cut up 5 small new potatoes for fried potatoes. Jeremy's dad gave us the potatoes from his garden last summer. I made 4 frozen Pillsbury biscuits. Yes, they are better than the one's I make from scratch. I have two open bags in the freezer, and I notice they were "Best By July 2011"... Yeah, we don't eat those that often. I also made some peaches like you'd make country apples for breakfast. I canned peaches last summer, and I was actually going to throw these out if I didn't use them soon. I added a Tb of butter to them and 2 tsp of turbinado sugar.

Everything was stuff I had on hand, with exception of the eggs. Last month, when I was at the grocery store, I found organic butter made from pastured cows on close out a half a pound for $1.61. You bet your sweet ass I bought all that Krogers had on the shelf. Butter freezes well. So, I had plenty of butter. If I only need a little bit of sugar for something, I use turbinado sugar. It's unprocessed. If I need more than half a cup for something like baking, I use plain ole refined white sugar. I buy the turbinado in bulk from Amazon dot com. I don't remember buying the biscuits, but it must've been a while back since they were outdated. The peaches were given to me by my mom's friend Melody who has a farm. I canned several pints last summer, and this was the last pint.

We both had coffee and creamer with our breakfast. We have a Keurig coffeemaker. I buy the k-cups from It's the cheapest place I've found, but the price has gone up a bit the last couple times I've ordered, I've noticed. Still, it's a little luxury that is kinda impractical. But we like it and have money in our grocery budget for it. I get it for around 55 cents per cup, and I only drink it on the weekends. Jeremy drinks it occassionally through the week.

LUNCH: We had leftovers from dinner. I had a leftover squash fritter and caprese. Jeremy had a leftover piece of pizza and caprese.

DINNER: We went to a wedding of some friends, and there was a full meal. It was delish. Actually, the reception was at the same place we had our reception. Some of the guests were also at our wedding and we reminisced. Can you believe we've been married five years?!? The bride and groom had a table set up with several types of candy and cute little baggies and ties for the favors. Yeah, I ate more candy in one sitting than I have in a LONG time. I know, I know, you're supposed to take it with you, but I started picking at it at the reception, and it was like a heroin addict with the candy corn. I just. Couldn't. Stop.

Jeremy's mom's birthday was Saturday, and everyone's schedule worked out so that we took here out to eat on Sunday. We drove up to pick up my in-laws Sunday morning, and they had breakfast ready. Biscuits with fried squirrel and squirrel gravy. It's squirrel season now, and Jeremy's uncle (who works with his dad) killed a couple and gave them to his dad. I haven't had squirrel since I was really little. My Pawpaw Ramsey loved to squirrel hunt, and I don't think I've had any since he died more than 20 years ago. It was nice to remember him by that. I always tell Jeremy that I wish he could've met him. They could have told huntin' stories.

My niece is a cheerleader for the peewee football team, and she had a game Saturday afternoon in Summersville. We watched her cheer at the game, and shopped around Summersville a little before taking my mother-in-law to Mi Patron Mexican restaurant for a late lunch/dinner. We didn't eat anything else.

Defense! Defense! Push 'em back!
She's adorable. Also, she's four. Seems like yesterday she was born...

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