Monday, October 17, 2011

SOLE on SNAP: Mid-month grocery run

I went to the store today to grab what I needed for the rest of the month and a few extra items. I got A LOT of stuff that wasn't on my list simply because the price was right. I did pretty well. I spent $117.24. Here's what I bought:

Kroger old fashioned oats (3.45), Crisco canola oil (3.24), Imagine organic butternut squash soup (2.49), Kroger natural peanut butter (2.16), jalepeno cilantro tortillas (1.79), FiberOne chewy bars (1.70), Kroger sugar (2.30), Private Selection reduced fat blue cheese crumbles (2.39), Private Selection organic slaw veggies (1.59), 2 Starbucks 11 oz coffee (5.99 each), Dunkin' Donuts 11 oz. whole bean coffee (5.99), Kroger tomato paste (.79), 7 .5 pound packages of Organic Valley Pasture Butter (1.64 each CLOSE OUT--Woot woot!), Kroger bagged salad (2.10), Greenworks laundry detergent 32 load (4.89), 2 pkg Kroger shredded sharp cheddar (2.69 each), 3 Progresso Soups (.93 each), Amy's cheese pizza (2.99), Wanchai Ferry Skillet Meal (4.74), Method Countertop Spray (2.69), 2 Nestle Natural Bliss Creamer (1.84 each), Charmin 12 pk (5.99), Kroger cumin (3.89), Kroger whole wheat hamburger buns (1.49), Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips (1.99), Big K diet green tea 12 pk (2.75), Bounty paper towels 8 pk (5.99).

I did also buy cat litter and cat food, which would not be elgible for SNAP benefits, so the total for SNAP is $104.39. I put all the butter in the freezer. I had some pretty killer coupons, too.

My SOLE on SNAP grocery budget toal is $282.82, leaving me $84.18 to spend for the month. I'm not planning to go back to the grocery store the rest of the month, but I will most likely order some food from the Monroe Farm Market and Sandy Creek Farms next week. However, I don't expect it to exceed this budget, or even come close for that matter.

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